Gratitude Monday: Twinning It

Starting the work-week out with gratitude is the best way to start.  I continue to be grateful for Laurel for introducing me to Gratitude Monday.


Late last week my brother, Frank gifted me with a visit.  He brought along five of his nine sons, one set of 11-year old identical twins, Robert and Wesley.  They got to me my 7-year old identical, mirror image twin grandsons, Robert and Ryan.  What a gas!  I’m telling you, Frank’s five boys and Beanie’s four boys, and Miss K, right in the middle, somehow managing to get to the center of attention, which is her fair due (according to her internal compass.)

Here’s what else fills me with twin-type gratitude this week (in no particular order):

  • Public transportation:  I took the train into Chicago twice this month.  First with Frank and the boys, then again  to meet a my best-blogger girlfriend, Kim.  IMG_4249


  • Weather:  Thunderstorms and Heatwaves, I love you.  I am so, so happy it is summer.
  • Weddings and Showers:  One nephew married, and one wedding shower in the planning stages.  Two more weddings this summer, and two wedding showers  to attend.  (Plus, a single baby shower, unrelated to any of the weddings.)

    Through the eyes of his grandmothers


  • Landscaping bricks and muscles:  I finished my retaining wall this weekend thanks to both.  Each brick weighed 17 pounds, and a placed them all myself.  Take that BodyPump work-out.  (Or should I say, thank-you, BodyPump work-out?)
  • Perennials and Waterlilies:  The yard and water garden are a pallet of color and fragrance.  My favorite time of the year.


What fills you with gratitude this week?

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