Gratitude(Post) Monday

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It’s Gratitude Monday!  I should do this every Sunday and post first thing Monday.  But here it is Monday at 11, and I am reminded by my friend Laurel to be thankful.

So here’s the first ten things that pop into my head.

  1. I have enough ideas going on in my head, that I have to write them down, so I don’t forget.  I more things to write about than time to write.
  2. My allergies are bothering me.  That means the trees are budding and the weather will be warm soon.  Still, I think it’s a bit of a cruel joke that someone who hates the cold so much suffers from pollen, dust, and dander allergies.
  3. The unabashed, silliness of children.
  4. My new water fountain for my desk.  A very peaceful focal point for prayer and meditation.  And a great place for Sasha and Misha to get a drink.
  5. I have daughters that like to do things with me.  Duckie asked me to join her on a 5 mile walk Sunday.  Beanie and I are doing a 5K at the end of the month.  (I caught Duckie in this Selfie right after she stopped smiling.  She has a better one on Facebook.  Really.  We had a great time.)
  6. I have a big butt.  I can swing those hips better than the skinny-minnies in my Zumba class.
  7. I found an editor who I “click” with.  I found her through friends I made on social media.  (That’s two things in one for #7.)
  8. Cinco de Mayo and Duckie who wants to cook me dinner and make me a margarita.  (Sure I shopped with her, went over the recipes, and will probably do most of the cooking and clean-up, but it’s the thought that counts.)
  9. Daffodils that are still blooming.  That’s the upside of a cool spring.  The early bloomers get preserved by more cold weather.
  10. More daylight.  I love the sun.  Even when it’s raining, raining, raining.  One of these days, I’ll be going to a baseball game.  I just know it.
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