High Tea for Four, Please

“Wouldn’t it be fun to have High Tea together?”  I said to Miss K on her 9th birthday.

“What’s that?”

“Well, it’s a little like lunch with fancy sandwiches and pretty cookies, and tea or lemonade,” I said.  “Everything’s on pretty dishes, and we could dress pretty, too.”

Miss K is my girly-girl, grand-daughter; the one sandwiched in among four brothers.  I know just the place:  The London Pub & Grill, authentic English food, only tastier.


“Yes, yes.”  She clapped her hands together and shook her curls out behind her tipped back head.

A month passes.

“Remember you promised to take me to that thing with the fancy sandwiches and cookies?”  Miss K pouted out her bottom lip and tilted her head to one side. (Yes, she really does that.)  We made a date, and invited Missy S and Miss G along.

Missy S is the six-year old.  She’s all business.  She’s got the score and is ready to make sure you’re up to speed, even if your lapse is only temporary.

Miss G is seven.  She’s the scientist.  Her current focus is the human body from the inside out, with particular emphasis on the brain.

A slumber party precedes High Tea is preceded.  Missy S and Miss K spend the night often.  I am a lucky G-Mom.  They live close by.  Miss G lives a little further, and never spent the night of the slumber party.  Sorry, Mom and Dad, but Miss G’s only comment was, “I thought I might miss house, but I don’t.  Not at all.”High Tea 1

In the morning, G-Dad, aka Loved-One leads the girls in a frog hunt.

High Tea 3

Next G-Dad’s boo-boo must be doctored.  I think it’s just a hang-nail.  Thank heaven for little girls; much more sympathetic than an old wife.

High Tea 2

We get dolled up and off we go to High Tea.  We need reservations, but for some reason, our name is not recorded.  No matter, it only means a slight wait, sipping tea, while the chef prepares High Tea.High Tea 1 (1)

Missy S reminds everyone to curl their pinky finger.

“Never slurp air through your straw in a fancy restaurant,” she admonishes her older cousins.

Look at all the sandwiches and pastries.  Yuuummie.  We get some fresh scones when I give the waitress my business card.  The first ones are a little overdone.  Just a tad bit.

High Tea 2 (1)

Rising to the occasion, good manners and daintiness mix in with a lot of giggles.

High Tea 3 (1)

High Tea 4

The girls stop and stare at a couple they believe are on a date.  “Kiss, Kiss.”

High Tea 2 (2)

Girls just wanna have fun.  And we know how!

The nicest thing about this excursion was how quiet conversation with the girls.  Isn’t that almost always the best?

Sorry to say, The London Pub’s website indicates they closed.  Whah!  Still, a quick Google reveals several places in the neighborhood.

What do you think?  Would you attempt High Tea with your children or grandchildren?  What’s your favorite outing with little ones?



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