It’s been a minute

So, you might be wondering, what have I been up to? Obviously, I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump.

Maybe a better way to phrase it, I’ve been in a writing crevice. Like a mountain climber, I

Hans / Pixabay

slipped into the crevice, wiggled around a bit, and managed to get myself wedged in a little deeper, until I began to look for a way out way down by my feet, instead of up toward the sun.



I believe I mentioned that I got a Big Opportunity. It’s work I know. It’s work that pays each week. It’s with wonderful, interesting people. It’s challenging and rewarding. It doesn’t leave much room in my mind for wandering and wondering and thinking about characters and what they might do.


Embracing the Big Opportunity had a side-effect. My computer got wiped of everything I created. (It’s a long story. One that ends with a not so helpful help desk.)

That was bad. And scary. For a bit. But then I remember something a bit magical.

The cloud. It was all there. I just had to retrieve it.

Let’s go back in time, just a bit.

Right before the Big Opportunity, I figured out how to sync my new novel with my desktop program to the app on my iPad. So, I had it all there. I just needed to get it back on my desktop. When I downloaded from the Cloud, I realized that version was an older version than the one my iPad.

I didn’t want to lose anything. And I didn’t want to write the bulk of a novel on an iPad. So I froze.

My Office Manager

Like the warmer winter, I thawed.  I became braver, I took a risk, and I got my novel back on my desktop  I even gave it a tentative name:  May His Tribe Increase.

I’m back at the keyboard, exercising my brain to keyboard connection.

I have lots more to tell you because good things are happening all around. I’ll tell you more a bit later. You don’t want to sit there are read all about me for more than a minute.  Tell me what you’ve been up to.

Any New Year’s resolutions or goals?  Any big crevices you’ve climbed out of lately?  Metaphorically or literally?