It’s that time of year again: Movie-Watching Marathon

Oscars!  Last year I got about 50% correct. I love movies and I love puzzles, I love numbers and I love awards. Yay!  Here we go again.

If I counted correctly, 36 different movies and 24 awards we’ll see presented. I watched a whopping 11 movies on the lists before the  nominee ( or a little more than 30%.)  I better go on a movie watching marathon.

Here’s what I already saw and my critique:

Gone Girl (nominated for Best Actress, Rosamund Pike.)

English: Rosamund Pike at the red carpet New Y...
English: Rosamund Pike at the red carpet New York premiere of Barney’s Version in January 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whaaat? That’s it?  I loved this movie. I said it was a today’s Misery.  It just made me cringe. And the ending… What a surprise.

Big Hero 6, The Boxtrolls, How to Train Your Dragon 2.  Yes, I saw three of the five movies nominated for best Animated Feature. I love the art and creativity of animation.  Plus, I have some delightful people to see them with. I mean, how can I resist an invitation from such sweetness.  The Boxtrolls was so clever.  How could I dislike a gentle super hero in Big Hero 6, and Dragon 2 was as good as  Dragon 1, which really surprised me.

Into the Woods and Maleficent (Best Costume Design.)  Hmmm…I see a trend here. Grandchildren requests are winning over date night. Woods is also nominated for Best Production Design.

Guardian of the Galaxy (Best Make-upand Hairstyling, Best Writing—Original Screenplay.) This could have been a grandchild request, but he went with his dad.  Loved-One requested this one.  Really fun in a quirky way.  I loved Groot.  Did he have a hairstyle and make-up?

Interstellar (Nominated for Best Music Original Score and Best Production Design and Best Sound Editing, Best Writing—Original Screenplay.) This movie made me teary-happy in a kind of Close Encounters sort of way.  I did really notice the music set the mood. Music in movies is something I pay attention too.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Best Sound Editing.) Hmmm… I detect a definite sci-fi nerdiness in many of my choices.  I almost opted out on this one.  I really didn’t like the first two.  Too much battling and not enough story. Besides, I have a hard time when the perfectly good story line gets embellished, turns left, or goes down a rabbit hole.  This time I just relaxed and pretended it was a new story and not the Hobbit at all.  I liked it.  Still a bit too much battling.

Captain America: the Winter Soldier (best writing – Original Screenplay) Loved-One and I both think we saw this, but neither of us felt sure.  I guess that says something.

I really did see a lot of other movies.  I promise.  I guess they just weren’t Award-winning.


In the meantime, here’s a trailer for Boxtrolls. I bet you’ll guess right away why it tickled me so much.


 I’ll keep you posted and give you my predictions. Our local AMC theatre offers a weekend pass so I can watch all the movies I want for one price.  I hope you share your opinions and predictions with me.