Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls, Jingle All the Way

I saw this K-mart commercial on TV a couple days ago.

The hand bells are a much under-appreciated choir.  Some of those bells are really heavy, too.

I thought the ad was cute right up until everyone began ringing their balls, I mean bells at the same time.  That’s when my mind’s eye traveled south of Christmas.  What are all those bell-clappers banging against?  And that final high pitched bell at the end of the song… What DO I think of that?

Now I feel naughty.  I watched this video more than once, trying to figure out whether it’s cute, disgusting, in poor taste, or just plain peculiar with those floppy boxers?    What do you think?



English: Santa Claus as illustrated in , v. 52...
English: Santa Claus as illustrated in , v. 52, no. 1344 (December 3 1902), cover. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


How did the audition proceed?  What kind of experience was requested/  And who decided which tone went with which Joe Boxer? In the future, will these men be happy to explain this ad as a resume builder?  (“I’m the tower bell swinger in the K-mart commercial.”)

I’m just a scientist, collecting data, and hypothesizing.  Honest.

Santa, please don’t put me on the Naughty List.

I remain puzzled.  What do you think?



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