Kimono, Heels and Yoga Pants? Yes, Indeed.

So many people liked my tips on those little loops inside drapey blouses and tops, that I decided to do a repeat.

CeCe got me this kimono and Nikibiki cami for my birthday.  [tweetthis]I love the NikiBiki cami. It makes everything smooth underneath.[/tweetthis]   CeCe’s friend, Michelle owns, Faith and Grace Boutique, where she sells unique, stylish clothing, that is practical for us fuller figured women. Michelle doesn’t have a website yet. I’m working with her on that.

The last time I wore the kimono and Nikibiki, I was at BAM in Nashville.  My roommate took a picture for me.  I thought I looked so together.  Guess what?  One side of the kimono hung about six inches lower on one side.  (SloppyJo: Delete photo.)

The day I had CoCo take these photos for me, after I’d worn the outfit all day.  The hemline stayed straight, without any adjustments.  I hate it when I have to fuss with an outfit.  Okay, honesty:  I don’t fuss with an outfit, thus the SloppyJo, damn I thought I looked good moments happen way more often than I like.

crapper - 1 (2)

I just pulled the loopy things under my bra strap. Right at the top of my shoulder. I got this handmade necklace at BlogHer last summer.

crapper - 3

I got my yoga pants at Costco. I added these peep-toe, sling-backs that I got from J Jill several years ago. A local cobbler replaced the elastic on the sling-back straps.  I love these shoes.

kimono - 1

Do you ever wear heels with yoga pants?  Pam Lutrell at 50Feeling40 suggests wearing leggings under long tops.  I tried yoga pants instead and really love the look and the comfort.  Plus, I can take off the kimono and heels and roll out the yoga mat and I’m ready for a work-out.