Librarians Rock for Indie Authors

A week ago I attended “Self-Publish Your Book: Indie Author Panel” at the Harold Washington Library in Chicago. OMGosh! What a beautiful library.

I learned a lot about what Illinois librarians do for not only me, but libraries across the nation and Canada. The program is called RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library Systems.)

I headed to Mom’s right after that for a weekend full of laughs. The weekend turned into a week. All the while I digested what I learned at the amazingly beautiful and busy, busy busy, Chicago Library. Note: The best concierge treatment I’ve had anywhere!

Here’s my most memorable takeaways:

My book is in everyone’s library!

The Illinois Author Project put all the books entered in the “Soon to Be Famous Illinois Authors” at That means anyone in North America can check-out my e-book book from their library. Thank you Marengo Public Library staff.

In the words of author Michael Allan Peck, one of the author’s at the talk, the more people read my book, the more people will buy my books. allows a WORDPRESS blog to be imported into the PressBook app with just a press of a button.

PressBook is an tool for independent authors. This is a free app for any indie author. Authors can submit books for addition to the bibliobook ebook collection. Of course, a WordPress blog will still need to be edited before publishing, but PressBook will get me most of the way there.

The books get curated and the librarians try to identify the best. I could get a “Library Seal of Approval.” I could even get some royalties! offers 14 regional contests this year!

In other words, Illinois librarians are leading the way to support indie authors.

There’s something for authors, for readers, and for librarians on Librarians are encouraged to support their local authors with a variety of programs and outreach.

Soon to be Famous Illinois Author, Michael Allan Peck is working at the same rate as I am.

It’s taking him five years to finish his sequel novel. I get quite impatient with myself and sometimes I’m ready to throw in the towel.

Just keep pedaling. – Michael Allan Peck

I’m pumped and ready to roll. How about you.