Maxxinista in Black and White

honeybees - 2I admire Valarie. We met when CoCo joined Weight Watchers.  I get to sit at the meetings with CoCo, because she can’t drive. Valerie works the scales.  She is so encouraging and upbeat.  She takes the time to chat about our latest grocery find, or share coupons.  Valarie shops at the grocery where CoCo works.  “See ya Thursday morning.”

Valarie always has her smile on.  No matter how stylish the outfit, as Orphan Annie says,

You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

Valarie always, always, always takes time to listen.  I mean really listen.  I’m still working on my listening skills.  I have been ever since I read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  It’s the habit I slip on the most.

Valerie says she gets most of her clothes from T. J. Maxx. Maxximizing her style, Maxximizing her savings.  I do love the word-plays.  Here she is in her T. J. Maxx dress and kicky platform sandals. Timeless. I love her beach-ready toes, too.

MAxxinista - 1