Moms’ Night Out

English: Group of girls from The Madeira Schoo...Beanie asked me to join her and several of her friends for a girls night at the movies, a girls night out to see the movie, Moms’ Night Out.  I know, a little confusing.  But that was just the beginning.


Beanie my raucous girl.  She makes me laugh until tears stream down my cheeks.  I imagined for Moms’ Night Out  like Bridesmaids, or maybe the women’s version of The Hangover.  Funny, but raw.

I bought the tub of popcorn with unlimited refills.

“I’m here with a group.  Can I have some paper cups so we can share?”

I do this when I take the grand kids.  Blame it on the microbiologist in me, but I want to limit the micro-sharing experience.  The girls behind the counter gave me four boxes big enough to fit half of the tub of popcorn in each.  We began splitting and refilling.

Beanie, me, and 20 of her closest friends settled into the assigned recliner movie theatre seats.  (I love this evolution of the movie-going experience.)

“Based on the previews, I think this is going to be okay.”  I lean over and whisper to Beanie.

“Mom, this is my church group.  It’s a Christian movie.”

“Oh no, not again,” I spontaneously blurted out.  Beanie started to laugh  in the way that only moms can make their daughters laugh.

Not that I have anything against Christianity.  Over Easter week I saw two Christian movies.  Heaven is for Real and God is not Dead.


Based on a true story, this was painfully long.  Maybe worth an hour-long TV show with plenty of sappy ads for cards or entwined heart necklaces in between 10 minute segments of the show.  Duckie wanted to see this one.  She loved it.


Beanie and I went to this movie to celebrate her birthday.  We liked the story, especially how the main character brought in science and philosophy to support his argument.  However, we were puzzled by the inexplicable guest shots by Duck Dynasty stars in defense of duck shooting, and portrayal of the Muslim family who believe it the same God we do.

Oh my!  What a refreshing surprise I got with Mom’s Night Out.  Not raucous, not preachy.  Funny as, well, funny as H-E-double-hockey-sticks.  The only time I laughed more was when I went to New York City for the weekend with all of my daughters.  Starring Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Patricia Heaton, and Trace Adkins, this flick has spot-on writing and is filled with great acting.  Anyone who is a mother or has a mother will love this film.  I promise.

If Mom’s Night Out is a Christian film, it takes a lesson from St. Francis “Preach the Gospel always, and when necessary use words.”  No on-the-nose preaching, just a lot of good physical humor and lots of great lines.  (My favorite, “he killed Mommy.”)

Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.

Francis of Assisi



After the movie, we all went to a make-your-own-sundae frozen yogurt place.  We got raucous enough there to drive some young couples out to their car.  Beanie asked the patrons to give Val a round of applause for Nurse of the Year followed by lots of willing smiles, congratulations and hand-clapping.

“Val’s a lactation consultant,” someone in our group proclaimed.

The teens vanished, heads down.  More embarrassing than a dildo joke.

I want to go back and see Moms’ Night Out again with Loved-One. Instead the next film we saw was Seth Rogan in Neighbors.  Sure we laughed.  We laughed hard. We laughed even harder when we read in Entertainment magazine that it’s a “razor-sharp commentary on desperately trying to remain carefree after the burdens of adulthood have taken over.”

Who needs dildos, weed, and potty mouths to laugh out loud?  (Although Rogan’s line about Zach Efron’s body being a big arrow pointing down into his pants IS one of the best lines ever.)  Still, I can never erase the memory of Seth Rogan naked.   I’d rather think of Sean Astin cleaning underneath the refrigerator.  That’s my kind of man.





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