Monday Delights #1: school buses and t-shirts

It’s the first week of 2021.

Something is in the air pushes me to focus on DELIGHT this year.

Last week I got hooked on the article I read in Wired, “The Power of Kawaii: How Cute, Squishy Things Influence Us Really?” Just looking at cute things can help us feel more positive about each other?

Last night, while driving home from CoCo’s, NPR played a sound bite of a delighted kindergarten boy, Cole, waiting to ride a school bus for the first time. I kept smiling long after his excited giggles faded in the rearview mirror of the program.

This morning I remember the Book of Delights.

The Delight of Anticipation

Perhaps this brings back a memory of my own anticipation of my very first school bus rides. I had it all worked out what the bus would look like, who would be there, and where I would sit.

Or maybe my first child’s eager anticipation of school starting as soon as he turned five. (Lucky me, he turned five the day before school started for him.)

For whatever reason, I smile every time I hear Cole’s unfettered delight.

I couldn’t resist just one more clip of Cole:

The whole This American Life, “The Squeals on the Bus” is just as delightful. There’s so much more there to enjoy. Please take a quick jump over there and enjoy the whole episode.

Me and the naughty boy

A little background:

Several years ago, when CeCe had but one child, she babysat for a little spitfire.

“He’s such a bad boy,” she told me.

“Oh come on now. He’s adorable.” (He was an energetic handful. But still. Adorable.)

“Mom, you’ve always had a soft spot for bad boys.”

It’s true. And a statement that lived on in family lore.

So this Christmas, the grandkids got together and created a flashmob of sorts. Not the singing and dancing kind. The delightful surprise kind.

“Happy Holidays from G-Mom and her Favorite Naughty Boy” (That’s G-Dad, of course.)

I’m not sure what delighted me the most: The grandkids getting together to make it happen or the silly photoshopped couple.

Another thing that really delighted me was how kind and respectful everyone was for our annual New Year’s get together. Masks on for the entire day, except while eating, of course. They all came that way, and they all left that way. No reminders needed. No complaints heard. What a delight.

I hope you find delight this week. I’m starting a “Delight Journal” so I won’t forget all the little things that tickle me this week.

Until we get our vaccination numbers up, don’t forget to stay safe.

Practice the four Ws:

  • Wear a mask;
  • Watch your distance,
  • Wash your hands, and
  • Work together.

How about you? What absolutely filled you with delight this week? Please share. Chances are you will delight me!