Monday Delights #19: Raindrops, toads, and ice cream

piglet and big pig touching noses Photo by Brett Sayles on

Not everyone will think of a piglet and sow as a bit of “Kawaii,” but awww, aren’t they the cutest. Besides, yesterday was Mother’s Day. Just looking at cute things can help us feel more positive about each other and these two surely warmed my heart strings.

Something is in the air pushes me to focus on DELIGHT this year.

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. Created by Mental Health America started the awareness campaign in 1949 to provide Americans with tools and resources as part of their outreach program to improve mental health.This year the Theme is “You are not alone.”

What a fitting theme following a year of such aloneness for everyone. I think most of us can relate.

As a reminder of what delight can do for us, here’s a bit of inspiration from NPR.

Zorro4 / Pixabay

Here’s a few things that delighted me this week:

Raindrops on new leaves: By now you’ve probably guessed that spring is my favorite season. Even a dismal grey day seems like a surreal painting: greens vibrant and purples so bright they almost hurt my eyes. Newness is everywhere and water feeds that newness.

Screaming toads: Okay, I really don’t like the sound: high and shrill and so loud I must close my windows to get some sleep. Still, every spring, my water garden fills with the females, desperately calling for mates in the night, “Come, I’m ready. Hurry, it’s baby making time.” Sure enough, in the morning, strings of eggs thread across the garden. Life doesn’t just go on, it insists on persisting.

Yes, I really did capture her calling for a mate. Isn’t she the sexiest?

Ice cream: Every celebration should include ice cream. Even if it’s just a small scoop in a small bowl. And kids with ice cream is one of the most delightful things in the world.

Pre-Covid days when we could act with delightful abandon.

I hope you find delight this week.

I know it makes me feel better to jot down a few things to remind myself how much delight I have in my life.

My state now has just under 49% of its population with at least one dose of vaccine. Once we reach 50%, we’ll enter Phase 5, “Illinois Restored.” I hope we know enough to stay safe until we get through this final lap.

We’re in the final battles. At least in this country. We have a ways to go for the world to get there.

In the meantime, don’t forget to practice the five Ws:

  • Wear a mask when inside or in crowds;
  • Watch your distance,
  • Wash your hands, and
  • Work together to overcome hesitancy.

It’s okay to wear your mask, even if those around you are not. I’m not sure I’ll ever stop watching my distance, and hand washing is always a good idea.

How about you? What absolutely filled you with delight this week? Please share. Chances are you will delight me!