Monday Delights #2: cats, dogs, and more

funny dog with glasses and book Photo by Samson Katt on

Something is in the air pushes me to focus on DELIGHT this year.

After last week’s insurrection at the Capitol, focusing on delight seems silly. At the same time, starting a Delight Journal, taking the time to jot a few things down, and reflecting on them today, is like balm to my soul.

I hope to include a bit of “Kawaii” each week too, because, you know, just looking at cute things can help us feel more positive about each other?

As a reminder, here’s a bit of inspiration from NPR.

This morning I remember the Book of Delights.

Here’s a few of the things that delighted me this week:

  • Fountain pens and multi-colored ink: The way writing flows onto paper is almost sensual. Every pen is a gift. And whenever I refill a pen, I remember going to the speciality store for guidance and the clerk telling me, “Oh honey, you’re not ready for this, you better get the cartridges.” That makes me laugh. (Even though I do still make a bit of a mess every time single time.)
  • Cat antics: Anyone who has a cat knows what I mean. Last night Sasha cuddled up and put her paw on my cheek. Was she petting me, or was I petting her?
  • Lights on falling snow: A couple of years ago, we purchased one of those projectors that blanket the house with green and red Christmas colors. I love the ease and beauty of these lights. What I didn’t anticipate was how the lights come in the windows and cover the ceiling and walls inside the house. They climb into the trees and light up the empty branches. And best of all, when it snows, the snowflakes dance and shimmer in red and green. I’m smiling just thinking about this delight.
  • The neighbors’ border collie: When the kids go outside, Brandy tries to herd them back to the house. When a car goes by, she runs to the edge of the electric-fenced yard and to let the driver know she’s watching. For some reason, her instincts tickle me to no end.
  • Amaryllis bulbs blooming in January: Every morning it’s a little taller; a bit of red is creeping up the stalk; oh my gosh, there’s a bud, now two, now four. Six buds? This morning, the buds are beginning to open. I think there will be seven or eight blossoms.

Please scroll through a few delight-filled photos by clicking the arrow button. It’s on the the side of the photo about half-way up. (I had a hard time seeing it myself.)

I hope you find delight this week. I know it made me feel better.

Until we get our vaccination numbers up, don’t forget to stay safe.

Practice the four Ws:

  • Wear a mask;
  • Watch your distance,
  • Wash your hands, and
  • Work together.

How about you? What absolutely filled you with delight this week? Please share. Chances are you will delight me!