Monday Delights #40: Telephone calls, fall breezes, Squash

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What delights you this week? Here’s a bit of “Kawaii.” Just looking at cute things can help us feel more positive about each other. Awww… a fawn. How cute. What delights you today?

Something is in the air pushes me to focus on DELIGHT this year.

As a reminder of what delight can do for us, here’s a bit of inspiration from NPR.

Today is Columbus Day (or in some places, Indigenous People’s Day.

gray concrete statue of man

This year, President Biden acknowledges all that Italian immigrants brought to this land, as well as recognizing the atrocities indigenous people suffered at the hands of explorers. To read his Proclamation, click here. It’s an interesting balancing act.

Here’s a few other things that delight me this week:

Telephone calls: Phoning or getting a phone call, is truly a delight. This week I had more than most. There’s something special about a phone call. I love knowing someone is there, present with me right in the moment. Loved One sayhe can always tell when I’m talking to my mother. This photo captures how I feel every time I talk to Mom on the phone.

Fall Breezes: I don’t have a photo for this one because it’s the sound that delights me. You know, that special way a fall breeze blows through brittle leaves still clinging to branches. It’s a promise of a warm day. It’s a whispered reminder that cold days are coming, but not quite yet.

Spaghetti Squash: Or should I say, another reminder of Three Sisters Abundance. The squash are washed down with cider vinegar and ready to last through the winter months. Still, I’m ready to share in the abundance.

Don’t worry. The mouse is just a Halloween prop.

The more I look for things that delight me, the more I find delights. There’s so much in the world that makes me smile.

I hope you find delight this week.

The vaccination rate didn’t move a bit this week so it still rounds up to 69%. My county reports a “very large” number of new cases and the ICUs at 110% capacity. Yikes! Yet, nationally, the number of new cases finally dropped below 100,000/day.

Click here to see how your state is doing.

I really look forward to the day that I no longer feel the need to update readers on this subject!

I hope this week brings you delight upon delight.

What did it for you this week? Please share in the comments. Chances are you will delight me!

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