Monday Delights #49: Ornaments, Road trips, Games

What delights you this week? Here’s a bit of “Kawaii.” This little snowman always makes me smile. That’s because an unknown someone put it there as a delightful surprise. I suspect it was a teenager walking to the bus stop on a dark and frigid morning. That image delights me, so I’m sticking with it.

Something is in the air pushes me to focus on DELIGHT this year.

As a reminder of what delight can do for us, here’s a bit of inspiration from NPR.

Today is “National Cocoa Day.”

Perfect for the middle of December don’t you think? Mine will be raspberry cocoa from LandoLakes.

Here’s a few other things that delight me this week:

A road trip with Loved-One: Over the river and around the lake, to Mom’s house we went. We planned it out. Just one quick stop. Masks on all the way, in spite of a nearly maskless Michigan. We’re boosted, so willing to risk it for ourselves. Still, Mom is almost 94, so we planned out a two-week isolation from Thanksgiving and two more before Christmas after we got home. That way, everyone is double-protected.

Mom was delighted. We were delighted. Plus, Loved-One insisted on loading the car with Christmas music and Classic Rock. A road tip sing-a-long! Two delights in one road trip.

Game, new and old: Three-player cribbage, which Mom delighted in whipping us at despite my attempts at creative arithmetic; and another game that seemed like a mash-up between the card games of Golf and Uno. We were all novices at that game, and blamed the brandied fruit on our inability to remember the rules. Giggles all around.

Traditional ornaments: This year, I grouped my ornaments: from work buddies; from my godson; from children; from our trips; the Dr. Seus collection Loved-One gave me; and of course, the Nightmare Before Christmas collection. All delightful. Yet, this one gives me a special delight. An ornament made from a lightbulb. How did this Santa ever survive for 30+ years? I’m sure CoCo made it when she was in grade school. The expression on Santa’s face looks a bit doubtful. What do you think?

The more I look for things that delight me, the more I find delights. There’s so much in the world that makes me smile.

I hope this week brings you delight upon delight.

What did it for you this week? Please share in the comments. Chances are you will delight me!

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