Monday’s Gratitude List

I’m hopping on a bandwagon.  It belongs to Laurel Regan at Alphabet Salad.  So hop on over to Laurel’s blog if you want to know more about Gratitude Monday.

Today, I am grateful I have waaaay too much to do.  That’s right.  Too much.  And I’m happy about it.  Most weeks, I start Sunday night out with a ToDo list, so I can start my week off settled. I like direction.   This Sunday, I spent so much time Candy Crushing, that I see colored candy, striped or wrapped lining up to taunt me.  ToDo waited for Today.

IMG_0039I got a little frenzied.  Maybe it was the two cups of coffee, no cream.  I gave up cream for Lent.  I swear, no cream makes the caffeine waaaay more potent.

I’ve got too much to do, and I’m happy about it.  Why?  Because I want to do every single thing on my list.

Here’s what else I’m happy about, as Laurel says, in no particular order:

  • I got rejected last week.  My novel got bumped up to the senior editor.  The whole novel, not just a sample.  His rejection included these words of encouragement:

    Your writing is better than most I see, so I do think you’re a good writer.

  • My daughter’s car need fixing.  She’s coming here with her five kids while the auto mechanic works his magic.  The pulled pork I have going in the crock-pot will get eaten for lunch, with no left-overs.  I’ll steam up some carrots and green beans the kids helped me pick last year.
  • I have three feature articles to write for the local paper.  And one of my Once A Little Girl posts will be featured.
  • Someone I “met” through writer’s networking introduced me to a potential content editor.  We “meet” sometime this week to see if we’re a good match.
  • I have Book Club, a physical with a new Primary Care Physician, and a Rediscover Catholicism meeting this week.
  • I’m having dinner with three old friends on Thursday.
  • I’m starting my next book. (!)
  • My house is clean.
  • I’m taking my soon-to-be fourteen year old granddaughter to see Divergent.
    Click on the picture. Go to

    And I read the book.  Her younger brother and I have a thing going on where we both read a book he likes and then go see the movie.  This time she wants to go with me.  It’s a first.  I am so excited.

  • I’m spending the night babysitting for the three remote grandchildren.
  • The sun is higher in the sky.  The days are longer. I can almost feel warm weather coming.  Last week I went 20 miles on the exercise bike in one hour.stay-cation 2

I think I ‘ll start every Monday with Laurel.  That feels super-good.

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