Mondays Make Me Smile


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Mondays are the beginning.  Mondays are full of promise and hope.  The whole week lies open in front of me waiting for me to fill it up with whatever I choose.  I almost always choose too much, so by Friday I look back and wish I were more… more efficient, more productive, more attentive, more receptive…more, more, more…

You get the picture.

Sooo… This Monday, after jotting down my ToDo List, I remember my TaDa List.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my TaDa List:  it’s a retrospective of what I Did.  TADA!  It’s done.

TaDa!  I nourished my mind body and soul:

  • I prayed and meditated every morning
  • I exercised: bike ride, swim, zumba, yoga
  • I read the newspaper, The Week, The New Yorker

TaDa!  I invested in people, places, and things most important in my life:

  •  I made my grandson a birthday cake
  • I talked football with Love-One
  • I practiced my listening skills
  • I attended grandkids’ football game & volleyball game
  • I celebrated a lost tooth (not mine)
  • I reconnected with old friends and new
  • I played my flute
  • I talked to Mom

TaDa!  I advanced my career goals:

  • I committed to Blogging every workday of October
  • I saw my name in print in the Marengo-Union Times
  • I polished two more chapters of my novel
  • I interviewed with the Hearst organization and made my pitch (Thanks for the tips, BlogHer)
  • I reached out to writer friends (Laurie I love you.)
  • I processed feedback from beta-readers. (Thank you Gerri)
  • I expanded my platform.

With each of TaDa I write, I think of more things to add to my ToDo List.

A voice inside my head crescendos to a shout: “Not Enough; You should do more; so what!”

A softer voice whispers, “baby steps; take a deep breath; there’s time.”

I reconnect with the imaginary epitaph I wrote for myself years ago.

She Laughed out-loud;

She Loved without fear;

She never stopped Learning.

Last week I laughed, I loved, I learned.  I will again this week.

The whisper wins.

Tuesday and ToDo List, I’m ready for you.


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