NaBloPoMo and Photo Friday: Fishing for a Ride

Rocky died.

Some of the fist the Heron got this spring.
Some of the goldfish the Heron got this spring.

Just a week after Loved-One got him from the G-Kids. They brought over four new koi, a Father’s Day present.

After consideration of their personalities and physical appearance they got their names: Rocky, Dr. Streekor, Blu, and Zorro.

Loved-One wrapped the deceased Rocky in a sandwich bag and put him inside the freezer. The G-Kids cried when they heard the news. I got out an old jewelry box with a cotton lining, put a ribbon around it, and put the coffin back in the freezer.

Tuesday at 8 AM, Beany called to say the koi farmer will replace Rocky.

“Why don’t you take your bike out there and go for a ride?” Loved-One said.
“I have waaay too many things to do. Besides, Rocky is your koi.”
“You always feel happy on your bike.”

I do. It’s true. I do.

My new bike from L.L.Bean.  I love the Cruiser, makes me feel like a little girl again.
My new bike from L.L.Bean. I love the Cruiser, makes me feel like a little girl again.

I loaded up my bike and headed for the HUM trail, where Beany and the five kids planned to meet me.

A half hour late for our meet-up, my six companions arrived.


Five minutes after we finally got on the trail one twin’s bicycle, designed to do 360 handle bar spins, spun out and tipped him, howling like one of his limbs got severed, to the ground.

Beany stopped to calm him, waving the rest of us onward. By the way, she’s such a calm mother, nothing much seems to phase her at all. She probably would calm him down with deep-breathing, even if he did have a severed limb.

Deep breathing always make me feel calmer.

The other twin, spun out 10 minutes later, skinning his ribs. He picked himself up and traveled on.


A mile later, Keely ran into the fence bordering the trail. Six minutes later, her tire went flat. She and I walked back together, while the other three rode back to tell Beany the horrors we encountered on the trail.

We loaded up the bikes and headed for the koi farm where we met one of the owners.

We showed her Rocky, peacefully resting in his coffin.

We did have a bit of a communication problem because the owner speaks little English, but here’s what I think she said:
“Water to warm. In New York last week.  Want to watch fish for one week. Come back one week.”

Beany took a voucher from the owner.

Rocky, still inside his coffin, went home for a back-yard burial.

I arrived at my home just in time to make Loved-One and Ducky some lunch.

This makes me hungry. Better go make lunch as soon as I hit the Publish button.

Did I have fun?  HUM…. Yes, indeed!  Did I get done any of the many chores I had on my list.  Amazingly, yes!

I’m almost ready for my sister-mother trip.


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