NaPoWriMo: Day 29: It’s All in My Head

I’ve been out of touch. Tied up in family and by infection.  Yes, the two take me in ways unrelated and yet the same.  Love is infectious, after all.  But enough about where I’ve been for the last few days.

Today’s prompt is waaay to complicated for me, so I’m going it on my own.  This poem is prompted by the evolution of daily care.


It’s All in My Head

Wash and Condition,

Gel and Blow.

Pluck the Cat Whiskers,

Netty the Nose.

Brush, Stimulate, and Floss.

Now Scrape the Tongue.

Straighten and Gloss.

Two levels of Moisture:

With SPF and BB.

Curl and Protect.

Highlight and Cover.

One last check,

Move on to the Neck.

Scrub, and rub, and moisturize
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