NaWriPoMo #10: Read More

Burma-Shave slogans
Burma-Shave slogans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s NaWriPoMo challenge is to write an advertisement poem, like the old Burma-Shave.  Remember the little signs along the road?  Maybe you’re old enough.  Here’s a couple of examples:


Picture each line as a separate sign,  a few hundred feet away from each other.  Entertaining for the kids in the back seat.

I Heard it On NPR

Reading is to brain,

As user on cocaine.

Mind’s eye sees,

Like neurons on LSD.

Writer’s cock-and-bull,

Is nothing more than reader’s mule.

No wonder the book is always better than the movie!

(Note of explanation:  I’m an NPR fan.  A couple of weeks ago, I listened while I drove:  Reading transforms the brain chemically in the same way mind-altering drugs do, but with no nasty side-effects.  Unless, you count me wondering what the character is doing long after I closed the book.  Do you ever do that?)

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