NaWriPoMo: (Foolish) Inanimate Love

NaWriPoMo prompt for April 7 is “write a love poem to an inanimate thing.”  I’m a day late, I know.  Look for another poem before the day is over.

Ode to Candy Crush

(Foolish, Inanimate Love)

I love you; I hate you.  Or is it just a Sweet Crush?

I swear, I don’t even like you that much.

Over bridges, through Swamps and into the Hills.

Wrapped up in candy; King of Sweet Thrills.

I’ll champion 100 and then I’ll be done.

Or pass friends in Salty Canyon; that’ll be fun.

I see you all over, even the media seems hooked.

Melting chocolate, sour bombs and meringues overlooked.

Is it love?  Or are these stars in my eyes?

Of course this is foolish.  I know I’m unwise.

Goodbye sweet addiction.  Get behind me Sugar Crush.

I swear, I don’t even like you that much.



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