OFOTW: She Knows Experts Among Us

This month, I went to my first ever “Listen to Your Mother” production.  No I wasn’t performing, just listening.  But next year…. Next year I’m auditioning.

The very day, just around the corner, I went to a “SheKnows Experts Among Us” cocktail party and meetup.  I got an invitation as a Media Influencer.  Yay!

I wore one of my Karina Dresses. I love these dresses because they are made in America, and maybe more importantly, they slip with no muss or fuss, right out of the package.  I wash mine in a lingerie bag and dry it on a hanger, but you can tumble dry. I can stuff it into a suitcase and it comes out perfect.  Karina makes dresses designed for several body types, so the cut is always flattering.

My platform flip-flops are from Candie on the clearance rack and my sweater is from Kohl’s.  It’s just slug over my shoulder, cuz the we