On Writing: Simply 6 minutes

motivational simple inscription against doubts Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

Today I’m participating in a six-minute writing challenge. The challenge is to write for exactly six minutes, no editing. The prompt is the photo below my writing. So I set the timer and away I go.

I heard you gently telling me it was safe to come out. You’d always be there. But, it’s so cold and so bright. And, so very, very loud. This fabric you insist on putting on me is scratching and heavy on my skin. Even when it’s quiet, I’m scared. I miss your heartbeat. Can I please go back?

Hush little baby. I hate to tell you, but the easy part is over. These struggles will fade and be replaced with new ones. You’ll come to embrace the challenges, and even look for new ones. Soon you’ll forget all about how it was in the beginning. Trust me. I’ll always be there for you.

I’m not so sure about all that. Can you just hold me close to your heart? I need to hear that familiar beat.

Whew! That felt like a lot of pressure. Now that I’ve read back over what I wrote, I can see lots of opportunities for editing. Still, I’ll resist and stick with the challenge. If you want to take the challenge. Or you just want to see how other people responded, please visit Stine Writing and take a peek.