We’re supposed to avoid Mylar balloons because too many get let loose to mess with the environment and the power grid.


Now the old fashioned balloons are in trouble, too.  I saw this as I checked Duckie into the hospital last week.

latex allergy

I’m happy that the hospital protects people with latex allergies.  Still, this sign made me laugh just a little.  How risky is a latex balloon in a hospital?  And how many people are impacted and to what degree?

 This is BlogHer Conference #4 for me:  Chicago, New York, San Diego, Chicago.  Each time, I’m blown away by the number of people, the sponsors, and most of all, the changing landscape of blogging.

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I focus on Monetization and “Blog to Book.”


I gotta get a platform before I write my book.  The book can’t be the blog.  Okay, I knew that.  I have two blogs, both promoting my writing in different ways.  I gotta get more active in Twitter, Instagram, get some buzz going, and keep it professionally personal.  Hmmm… I confess some overwhelmedness.

I met Gladys on Day 1 of BlogHer13.

“What do you like best?”  Gladys, a newbie asks.

I give Gladys a guilty grin:  “The SWAG.”

Gladys and I talked about blogging and life.  She’s a single mother of a 21 year-old daughter.  Gladys just finished a stint working on organic farms in Chicago.  Soon she will be moving to Boston to start college.  Gladys is here to figure out what she’s going to blog about, and how to do it.  She is quick as lightning and everything she hears gets translated into practical ideas for her next steps.  I am in awe.

Yes, I love the SWAG.  But the picture is here for symbolic reasons.  After three years of blogging, I can say I’m like this pile of swag.  There is some organization (look closer, there’s health, toys, tech, beauty, cleaning, coupons, and food; all in neat little sections of my dining room table. (There’s also a polar bear and a vitamin organizer, not from BlogHer13.  How’d that happen?)

But where’s the focus?

BlogHer13 Swag