Photo Friday: Baby You’re a Firework

Thanks to a post on, I decided to try my hand at photographing fireworks.  I have my iPhone camera, which captures great pics, but if I want to adjust the ISO, I must use my Sony Cybershot.  I did a little cropping, but no other photo-editing.  Here goes:

4th of July 5
View of the Venue (from the Porta-Potties)
4th of July 4
Spread out on a Blanket and Ready for the Show
4th of July 13
Glow sticks Galore
4th of July 1
Socially Social Networking
4th of July 3
Fear of Falling Skies
4th of July 6
This might be my favorite.
Wait, Maybe this one is my very favorite
4th of July 11

4th of July 9

GlowStick Makes for a Happy Toddler
GlowStick Makes for a Happy Toddler

4th of July 7     4th of July 12


This morning, I opened the newspaper to find this photo from the same fireworks display.  I like my photos better.  Thanks, for giving me a nudge and some confidence.

4th of July 10


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