Photo Friday: Birds of a Feather

Goldfinch on the feeder

These parents are anxious to feed their babes.


Scarlet Tanager

An early visitor, the Tanager was only here for a day, passing through on his way to somewhere else.  We recognized him by his “churr-burr,” and unusual sound for us.  I hope he visits on his way back from wherever he went.


Blue Jay

A dry summer, my water garden is a welcomed respite.  The Blue Jays our the police officer of our feeder.  Indignant with the messy grackles, the Jays keep order and peace.



A pair of hummingbirds are nesting somewhere nearby.  I never knew how agressive these tiny creatures are, chasing off birds many times their size.

The Nuthatch, Ladder-backed Woodpecker, Orchard Oriel, Chickadee called out daily greetings, teased me to get my camera out, and refused to pose.  The Northern Flicker came by, but he had no patience for me, so off he flew.

It sounds like a jungle today.  It sounds like that after a rain.  I love my backyard.

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