Photo Friday:  Changing perspectives

I got my final chapter back into bed – Again.  Whew!  I hope that insolent child stays where she belongs.  

Next adventure is two pronged:  enter writing contests and seek out publishing opportunities.  

CoCo got an apartment, which means I will have an empty nest, but feathered nest. An exciting and a scary embankment all at the same time.

I took some photos of my verbinum.  It’s beautiful this year.  The cooler spring and abundant water was just what she craved. 

Look at what I saw up close:

I thought her blossoms were just white, maybe a little green mixed in before the blossoms became fully mature.  A close look revealed so much more.

There such deep texture and dimension in that little white cluster.  It’s like a bouquet of blossoms.

A little further out, and the deepness becomes a little fuzziness around the edges.

From below, sturdy branches reach skyward.

Always tethered close to home and hearth.
Yes. CoCo is stretching and growing. Every day I see new facets of her blossoming beautifully.

As always, more beautiful photos over at Pierced Wandering.  Just follow the link below.  

Pierced Wonderings