Photo Friday: Christmas Past & Present

I love decorating the tree.  Every ornament has a memory.  Some are from our travels.  Some are from children:  my own, my god-children, and my grandchildren.   Some are hand-made.  Some are gifts from co-workers and friends.  Some come from family and people who share a common interest.  Some gone forever, most still with me.  All hold memories.

There is one special ornament not shown, but remembered every year.  A beautiful delicate ornament given to me years ago by my now daughter-in-law.  It slipped between my fingers and crashed to the floor into tiny pieces right before my (and her) eyes.  A most exquisite sound, that delicate glass did make, followed by delicious laughter by each of us as we remember.

Thank you Mehmet, Marianna, Emma, Julie, George, Justin, Alison, Allison, Coral, Cecily, Chip, Seth, Sharon, Andrea, Kim, and many more.  Thank you all for the indelible mark you have left on my heart.




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