Photo Friday Link-up #19: Good Morning Sunshine

It’s still Friday.  I know I’m late to the party. I had a newspaper deadline.  I know.  Excuses, Excuses.  I’m really proud of the feature article I did about Karen Kockler, a speech pathologist.

Now my eyes burn, I need to clean my house, and I just want to listen to soft music with an eye pillow infused with lavender.  Okay, enough bellyaching and day-dreaming.

I snapped these photos with my iPhone, right after I dropped CoCo off at work. She’s a courtesy clerk at  the local grocery store.  She helps people take their groceries to their car, and collects the carts from the parking lot.  In 5 below zero windchill, she stayed outside for an hour at a time with no warming breaks.  Now that’s something worth complaining about.


I love the look of naked trees against a morning sun.  How about you.  What in your lens this week.