Photo Friday: Northern Flickers

Northern Flicker 5
Sony Cyber-shot with Aperture watercolor lens

Our hickory fell.  Well, not the whole thing, the top third of the  tree just bent over and touched the ground.  Squirrels re-routed.  Ferns withered; garden flocks brightened.

In a hollow, just below the break, Two Northern Flickers nested.  They like privacy. A hickory’s canopy is perfect cover.  Flickers are shy.  We hear them, but normally see them once or twice a summer. If we’re lucky.

Exposed by the felled hickory, the pair hopped out on a branch and signaled their dismay.The couple survived the natural disaster and made the best of things for the sake of their young family.

Look closer, both Northern Flickers are in the two pictures below.

Northern Flicker 6
Sony Cyber-shot with +1 exposure and definition brush


Oh well, might as well have a drink and a bath.

Northern Flicker 1

Northern Flicker 2
Sony Cyber-shot, Aperture Cross-process lens


Northern Flicker 3
Sony Cyber-shot, Aperture exposure +! and Definition brush


Northern Flicker 4
Sony Cyber-shot, Aperture Exposure +1

A drink and a bath always makes me feel better, too.

Such a treat this week!




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