Photo Friday: Summer Self Portrait

Fooling around with my photo apps:

Fireworks and Me.

App, Blendcam

The Tilt-a-Whirl (or Disney’s Teacups) makes me laugh hysterically.  I guess I love to spin.

App, Path; Lens, Loco


The best thing about wearing a bathing suit: being underwater.

No special effects.


Oooo, that’s a scary old woman in a straw hat and she looks sorta sad.

App, Path; Lens, The GridApp, InstaGram, Lens, Earlybird

Comfy tootsies in my new Eliza B’s.


My chipless manicure after 3 weeks.  It grows out, but doesn’t chip.  Really.

App, Camera Bag, lens, Fish eye


 Tree Pose is really difficult when the waves hit.

App, Instagram; Lens, Brannan


Ahh… A hot bath and some make-up. I feel better.

App, Path; Lens, B-Bit
Words to live by, from the Museum of Science and Industry
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