Photo Friday: The Value of Books

My sister-in-law took this picture of my brother, her husband.  That’s our grand-nephew cuddled up with a book. (Is grand-nephew the correct term for my sister’s grand-child?)

Now I ask you:  Can you get this kind of comfort and closeness with a video, a board game, or a joystick?

Books are the best.  Yesterday, I heard that reading alters our state of consciousness in much the same way as mind-altering drugs.  Surely, books take us to a whole new dimension.  If we’re lucky, we take someone with us.

John & Jude at Crandell Christmas, 2013 (Allison & Jesse’s house
Photo by Cheryl Duncan Crandell
Black and white filter with Aperture software.

I feel warm and cozy inside just looking at this scene.

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