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I started following Elizabeth H. Havey (Beth) so many years ago, that I can’t remember when we first met. She, like me, writes about a lot of things. Besides blogging, she’s a published author.

You can find Beth’s book, A Mother’s Time Capsule, by clicking here.

I read her post, “You still writing a novel?”

Yes, indeed I am. Right now, it’s pretty slow going. Things in the practical world keep getting in the way. Like cakes to bake, weeds to pull, doctors appointments, and that new phase of my life, attending funerals.

Here’s a snippet of what inspired me:

To explain what it means to sit at the computer for hours and hours, creating characters, imagining how they look, their joys and sorrows–allowing them to fail and aceieve, to live and die, to create their lives, imagining how they would speak (dialogue,) how they would win and fail is challenging and yet, ultimately wonderful.

Elizabeth A. Havey (

The whole post inspired me an urged me to forge ahead. Yet, it was that paragraph that got Ephraim, Rita, and Eldie whispering in my ear, begging me to tell their stories.

While we writers talk a lot about the torture of writing and editing, the truth is, that it’s the most fun I’ve ever had. Writing takes me inside of myself and brings out characters that I never knew were there. Research satisfies my never quite quenched desire to learn new things.

Please visit Beth at She’s also on Twitter and she has a FaceBook page, too.