Shrill: I’m feeling it

I love Aidy Bryant.

I'll just start with that.  I love the way she's portrayed on SNL.  Not as a Fat Person.  Just as A Person.  She's just funny.  Not because she's fat and not in spite of her fat.

That brings me to Shrill. It’s a new Hulu original starring Aidy Bryant. I think that all women and most men should watch at least a couple episodes of Shrill. Maybe mothers and adult daughters should watch it together.

Okay, yes, the show can be a bit crude and a little more explicit than most grandma’s would like. Still, funny as all get-out and Aidy’s got something to say.

Caveat here: I prefer to say I have fat, rather than I am fat.

I'm so much more than fat. Aren't we all? 

One potent scene in the first episode shows Aidy at her parents’ home looking at photos of herself through the years: a happy, rolly-Polly baby, a chubby kindergartener, a sweet chunky junior high school girl, and more.

I have not been this heavy all of my life, but I have watched calories and exercised almost exclusively for purpose of staying slim. Then age and menopause caught up with me. And now I’m what is euphemistically labeled “thick.”


At some time in my life, I'd like to just stop thinking about my size, eat the food I like, which includes all those good things like veggies, fruits, and whole grain, plus anything chocolate, and exercise because it feels good. It does. I love my yoga. I love to bicycle and hike, and I love dancing.

I proclaim that time as now!

Even the hiking trail reminds me to lose weight.