State of the Union 2020

So it’s that time of year again where I go over the Party Platform prior to the last election and track the progress.

It’s cold out there. What better time to investigate progress. Right?

I’m sorry to say that literally tens of thousands of bills have been introduced by both Republicans and Democrats, but very few have been signed into law.

For a complete run-down, click the link to the pdf I created way back in 2016.  That’s when I outlined what the Republican Party wanted to achieve.

State of the union

Some things did get done.

We got a new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada (USMCA)

We got a corporate tax cut:


The average hourly wage went up three cents an hour, but the average workweek remains at around 34 hours, and the federal minimum wage remains at $7.50, while the living wage for a family increased.


40 Regulations got repealed for the Departments of Labor, Education, Environmental, EPA, Transportation, Energy, Health and Human Services, Financial, Justice, FCC, USDA, SEC, Interior, GSA.  Here’s a list.  If you’d like learn more about each of these, click here:

  • White Collar Exemptions for Overtime Pay (Labor) Repealed 
  • Clean Air Act: Emission Standards (Environmental,EPA, DoT) Repealed 
  • Energy conservation standards: definition of general service lamps (Environmental, DoE) Repealed 
  • Clean Power Plan (Environmental, EPA) Repealed, 
  • Nondiscrimination provisions in the Affordable Care Act (Health, HHS) Repealed 
  • Fiduciary Rule (Financial, DoL) Repealed 
  • Endangered Species Act: Compensatory Mitigation Policy (Environmental,DOI) Repealed 
  • Endangered Species Act: Mitigation Policy (Environmental, DOI) Repealed 8/3/2018
  • Encouraging Affirmative Action (Education, DoJ, DoEd) Repealed 
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Measure (Environmental, DoT) Repealed 
  • State Funding for Abortion Providers (Health, HHS) Repealed 
  • Dealer Markups Guidance (Financial, CFPB) Repealed 
  • Net Neutrality (Telecom,FCC) Repealed 
  • Rural Call Completion (Data Reporting Requirements) (Telecom, FCC) Repealed 
  • Feeable Supplementary Services Report: Elimination (Telecom, FCC) Repealed 
  • Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices / Animal Welfare Rule (Agriculture, USDA) Repealed 
  • National Television Multiple Ownership Rule / Removal of UHF Discount (Telecom, FCC) Repealed 
  • Media Cross-Ownership Ban: Repeal (Telecom, FCC) Repealed 
  • Oil and Gas Fracking Rule (Environmental, DoI) Repealed 
  • Interpretation of “Incidental Take” under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (Environmental, DoI) Repealed 
  • Main Studio Rule: Elimination (Telecom, FCC) Repealed 
  • Arbitration Rule (Financial, CFPB) Repealed 
  • Farmer Fair Practice Rule (Scope of Anti-Competitive Practices) (Agriculture, USDA) Repealed 
  • Disclosure of Payments by Resource Extraction Issuers (Environmental, SEC) Repealed 
  • Drug Tests for Unemployment Compensation (Labor, DoL) Repealed 
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation / Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces (Labor, DoD, GSA, NASA ) Repealed 
  • Firearms Prohibition for the Mentally Disabled (Health, SSA) Repealed 
  • Internet Privacy Rule (Telecom, FCC) Repealed 
  • Mandatory Bundled Payments for Cardiac Care and Joint Replacement (Health, HHS) Repealed 
  • Oil , Gas, and Coal Lease Valuation Rule (Environmental, DoI) Repealed 
  • Persuader Rule (Financial, DoL) Repealed 
  • Predator Control Rule for National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska (Environmental, DoI) Repealed 
  • Record of Injury Rule (Labor, DoL) Repealed 
  • Resource Management Planning Rule (Environmental, DoI) Repealed 
  • Safe Harbor for State-Administered Retirement Savings Programs (Labor, DoL) Repealed 
  • School Accountability Rule (Education, DoEd) Repealed 
  • Stream Protection Rule (Environmental, DoI) Repealed 
  • Teacher Preparation Issues (Education, DoEd) Repealed 
  • Technical Support Documents on Implementing the “Social Cost of Carbon” for Regulatory Impact Analyses (Environmental, EOP) Repealed 
  • Title IX Guidances on Transgender Student Rights (Education, DoEd) Repealed 

President Trump signed 138 executive orders. These vary from the simple (Revising the seal of the National Credit Union) to the complex (Sanctions against Iran.). For a complete list and details click

It’s true, elections do have consequences. Are you ready to vote? Will you study the platforms?