STEM Girls go to the Museum of Science and Industry

Stem Girls 1
Here we are under the Amino Acid, Genome Display

Miss G is in second grade this year.  She is a bit shy, and she knows what she likes.  She likes science more than anything. Missy S is in first grade.  She reads like a sixth grader, even using inflection when she reads dialog.  She has an opinion on everything.  Miss K is a fashionista and a social butterfly.  She is in the fourth grade this year.  Miss K loves math.

All three girls are are wiz-kids and as techno-savvy as any of their brothers.  Who says girls don’t like science and math?  Who says girls’ brains are not wired for technology and engineering?

It’s because of Miss G that Love-One and I plan the Science and Industry Museum outing.  Miss G loves the science of the body.  Especially the brain.  She wants to see a real human brain.

I question how anyone in the world can dislike science.  I mean, it’s all so interesting.  And technology, well that’s science put to work.  I tell the girls if anyone tells you math is hard, make sure and let them know spelling is way, way harder.  Miss G’s eyes get big, and she shakes her head up and down like the diva she is.

“Waaaaay easier than spelling,”  Miss K says.

Click here for a Clip of My STEM Girls’ impressive powers of concentration

Right off the bat, the girls are intriqued by an experiment.  They measure and mix and observe as liquid turns into a semi-solid.

Stem Girls 11

Miss G sees her heart in action.  I do this too, and guess what?  The monitor picks up on a little anomaly I have:  a slight delay in the relay from atrium to ventricle.  Interesting to see.

Stem Girls 7

Miss S demonstrates the effects of energy and force.

Stem Girls 8    On to reproduction.  We watch some chicks hatch. Stem Girls 2

The ant room was a favorite.

Stem Girls 3

We had a healthy lunch in the cafeteria.  Really good food.  Okay, the chicken fingers were fried, but look at the fruit and carrot sticks.  After all the walking around, all three girls ate every bite.

Stem Girls 4


Miss G explains the workings of the body to Miss S and Miss K.  Stem Girls 5


Stem Girls 6

Loved-One and I took two sets of grand-kids to Dozing with the Dinos on two separate occassions:  once a girl and a boy, next two boys.  Are there any differences between boys’ and girls’ approach to science?  Yes.

When little boys get tired or bored, they give each other a shove, run, and do high karate kicks.  When little girls’ attention wane, they huddle and giggle and talk and touch each others hair or clothes.

“Let’s move on,”  Miss G announces, whenever the gaggle lost momentum.  She’s definitely the alpha-girl of the bunch.  Everyone fell into line under her tutelage.

We welcomed a good night’s sleep, while visions of mitochondria and ganglia danced in our heads.


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