Styling at the Beach

Fashionable on a camping trip? [tweetthis]I can dream at Janny’s Beach House.[/tweetthis]

Camping means whittling down the wardrobe to essentials: shorts, shirts, sandals, bathing suit, jeans, sweatshirts.

Into South Haven for sunsets and ice cream cones, Janny made me wistful for flowing summer cover ups and floppy hats.

Janny focus is on style and comfort.  Most of her clients are vacationers. Besides, who doesn’t want to be comfy when it’s hot and humid?  Or when it’s cold, for that matter.  Yes, it can get a little chilly off of Lake Michigan.

Janny's Beach House - 2
This lacy bit can serve as a dress or over leggings. Paired with some of Janny’s jewelry, I could be set for an anniversary dinner with Loved-One.
Janny's Beach House - 3
Simply White line, dressed up with a colorful neckless. Janny sure has an eye for style.

Look at Janny’s beautiful jewelry.  I love the pins.  I’m a sucker for pins.

Janny's Beach House - 5
Ooooo… I love these bracelets, too. Not for camping of course. Peeking out below white sleeves, these are gorgeous.

Janny's Beach House - 4Janny's Beach House - 6

What delicious, colorful hats!  I like the teal color best.

Janny, was a bit camera-shy the day I was there. She has a website where she showcases her jewelry: and you can email her at  If you like anything you see here, I suggest you email her.  Or if you’re in South Haven, drop in.  The atmosphere is so friendly and bright and breezy. You’ll think you’re at the beach.