I need things simple. For many years, I put lipstick on in the morning, and by the second cup of coffee, it was gone. Some colors worked.  Some colors worked some time. Some lipsticks changed colors before fading out altogether.

body parts 3As I got older, [tweetthis]a funny thing happened to my lips. I could no longer tell quite where my natural color started. [/tweetthis]On closer examination, the color receded, so the edge of my lip seemed to disappear.  I had a hard time determining where, exactly, my lipstick should go. Have you ever noticed that?

Now I use Lipsense.  I learned about Lipsense, of all places, on a vacation to Sedona. A bunch of vacationers got a chance to try on Lipsense and wear it for a day before we made a purchase.  Loved-One and I got a kick out of seeing Lipsensed women hiking the many trails of Sedona. The representative said Lipsense is what movie stars wear.  Maybe that’s true, and maybe it’s a sales-line.