A Little Lipsense

I need things simple. For many years, I put lipstick on in the morning, and by the second cup of coffee, it was gone. Some colors worked.  Some colors worked some time. Some lipsticks changed colors before fading out altogether.

body parts 3As I got older, [tweetthis]a funny thing happened to my lips. I could no longer tell quite where my natural color started. [/tweetthis]On closer examination, the color receded, so the edge of my lip seemed to disappear.  I had a hard time determining where, exactly, my lipstick should go. Have you ever noticed that?

Now I use Lipsense.  I learned about Lipsense, of all places, on a vacation to Sedona. A bunch of vacationers got a chance to try on Lipsense and wear it for a day before we made a purchase.  Loved-One and I got a kick out of seeing Lipsensed women hiking the many trails of Sedona. The representative said Lipsense is what movie stars wear.  Maybe that’s true, and maybe it’s a sales-line.

I tried various colors.  All stayed really well without fading or smudging.  No lipstick marks on wine glasses!  That’s a wonderful plus. Some colors didn’t look all that good on me.  My scientific mind observed something interesting.  If I matched the color of the Lipsense to a color in my mouth, it looked natural and good on me.  No matter what clothing I wore.

  • Mauve Ice matches the color of my inner lip (This is my favorite color)
  • Nutmeg matches the color under my tongue. (It’s a bit darker, so my go-to color for winter and those dressier occasions.)
  • Champagne Beige matches the color of my gums (Perfect for summer and casual events.)

Lots of experts say that anyone can wear any color.  I disagree.

You need these three things and you use them in the same order:lipsense - 1 (3)

  • Oops Remover (used as a primer or to erase mistakes.)
  • Long Lasting Liquid Lip Color
  • Moisturizing Gloss sealer
  • Tissue

If you’re one of the women who subscribe to “Toss the Gloss” if you’re over 40, then you want to get the Matte version.  It also comes in pearlescent.  My favorite is the regular Gloss.  It’s not too glossy. See what you think.


  1. Spread a layer of Oops over your lips.  Wipe off with a tissue. Lipsense recommends doing this at night as a conditional and again before applying the color. I only use it before color.  Warning:  it stings a little when you apply, until your lips get conditioned.  After about a week, no more stinging.
  2. Shake the Lip Color about 10 times.lipsense - 1
  3. Pull your mouth in a big O. Starting at the corner of your mouth, using the slanty edge of the brush, trace over your top lip. Swivel the wand to the flat edge and trace the bottom lip. You are essentially going in a circle around your mouth.
  4. Dip the brush in Lip Color. Repeat #3 in the opposite direction.
  5. lipsense - 1 (4)Dip the brush in Lip Color. Repeat the motion again, starting in the corner and progressing around the bottom lip, and then over the top lip. (A make-up artist told me Steps 3 ,4, 5 are essential for an even application.)
  6. Hold your mouth in an O until the color dries.  (This step made the group of women with me giggle quite a bit.  lipsense - 1 (1)I still think I look rather silly.) It takes only takes a few seconds.
  7. Brush on the Sealer any old way you want to.

You’re done for the day.

It really works. I think it even plumps up my lips a little. Friends and my five sisters ask me how I keep my lipstick fresh all day.  All I do is add a little sealer after I eat.  I don’t even have to look in the mirror, because it’s clear. The more I wear Lipsense, the healthier my lips  feel.

I know this sounds like a lot of work.  So I made this video to show you how easy it is. I did cut out the parts where I’m putting things down and picking things up.

The music I added is a flute duet I’m working on for a concert next Saturday. The flutists are “Flauto Dolce” from their YouTube station.

This is what I looked like after an after-party at BlogHer2014. The end of the day, tons of food sampling, walking, and heat.  No re-application of color, just a little sealer from time to tome.Selfies 3 (1)
The best part of Lipsense is easy application, no, it stays on, no it never leaves a mark, no, it never gets on my teeth. Here’s the official site, with much more glamorous videos:  Lipsense. The application video looks at least as silly as mine.