IMG_0039I worked all weekend, so I sorta feel like today should be my day off.  It’s not. Wha-wha!  I’m so happy to have a fresh start with a new contract.  Yay!

Why did I upgrade to the new OS this weekend?  When did Apple get so bad about releasing buggy upgrades?  My mail no longer worked. Wha-Wha!  I tried to troubleshoot it on my own.  I did an internet search. Yup, it’s not just me. Several sites had work-arounds. They didn’t work. Apple acknowledged the importance of  fixing the problem and promised to put their resources behind a fix.

Drat it all.

Cold weather and wind blew, reminding me that winter will be here sooner than I’d like.

Mom called and said she changed her plans and decided to stay home, rather than visit this weekend.

I gave CeCe a call, just to talk.  Okay, because I worried a bit. Just a bit of intuition.  I interrupted her dinner. She got testy; not the first time in recent weeks.

I shut down and went to bed.

[tweetthis]This morning’s yoga was all stiffness and falling down. No balance. [/tweetthis] Too much time sitting on my sit-bones.  Wha-Wha! So where’s the gratitude? Everywhere.  If I  stop and look.