Wednesday 50-word Story:

I love this challenge. It may seem easy. Fifty words of fiction that tells a story. Exactly 50 words is flash-flash fiction: no more, no less. It’s not easy at all. Thank you Boy with a Hat for suggesting this oh, so long ago. You don’t know it, but I love you. Today I’m following a prompt from WordPress.

Who are your favorite people to be around?

WordPress Prompt

Where were you?” Grandpa’s grip matched the knot in his brow.

“Looking.” Emily gestured toward the exhibits.

“We’ve gone through three floors already. Mostly looking for you.”

“Surgical procedures, blood vessels, eyes in jars.”

“It’s time to go.”

“Can we come back?” Emily quavered.

Grandpa shrugged. “You’re already a scientist.”

The first thought that popped into my head with this prompt, was of grade school. I’m sitting two-by-two at a desk meant for one. A friend and I try to learn Polish from Mr. Kopchinski.

I’m not going to tell you which girl was most like me. But I will tell you that when I was in grade school, I never wore anything without a pocket, and I never went anywhere without a tissue.

Maybe it’s the dismal, sleety day that makes me want to cuddle up and learn something new. A little nostalgic fiction leaked out of my brain and through my fingertips.

Two little girls at a desk from the back