Wednesday Writing Prompt: Lick

Another 50-word story using a Rag-tag Daily Prompt. Today’s word is jib. Oh my! As in “I can tell what kind of man he is by the cut of his jib.”? Or it could be a sailing term. Or it can even be a verb meaning to balk at, or refuse to go on. I wonder where my imagination will take me this week. I think I’ll start a random character from my trusty baby naming book.

Skyler jabbed a stick in the sand until it stuck. On the horizon, a lone sailor re-set his jib turning away. Skyler stepped into the salty water, gripping the shifting sand with his toes. Fists clenched fiercely at his sides, he jibbed his own retreat. Nothing ventured. The safest course.

I had a hard time stopping at 50 words. I must be content to let your imagination fill in the rest of the story. Please hop over to Rag-tag to see what other writers did with the word lick. My favorite is “Pizza Night.”