Wednesday Writing: Visitor

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Another 50-word story using a Rag-tag Daily Prompt. Today’s word is visitor. Maybe The Day of the Dead or All Saints Day spun my imagination in a macabre direction. Maybe it’s because I have another funeral to attend this week. Here goes:a

Who exactly am I visiting? Gloria’s mind wandered as she donned her black dress, black leggings, and black shoes for the visitation. Who came up with ‘wake’? Does ‘vigil’ seem more genteel?  Is ‘death-watch’ too crass? The end eventually comes.

Still, Gloria would rather be the visitor than the visited.

If you’re wondering about my NaNoWriMo challenge to myself. I’m on target. One day, one chapter revised. Yesterday’s chapter made me cry a little. I love reading something a wrote after it’s been in the oven for a while baking. It’s like I’m not the writer anymore, just a distant reader.