Wednesday’s Style: Scarf in the Summer?

I stopped by Faith and Grace Boutique in Marengo on my way to see Ceci.  Tina always has some new style ideas up her sleeve. I arrived on a Friday, a day after her MainStreet meeting that “was insane.”  She told me it was a “hat day” for her.  I can only wish my hat days looked this good.

Anyways, did you know [tweetthis]you can make a kimono out of a scarf?[/tweetthis]

I didn’t.  Here’s how she did it, front and back:Scarf style - 3

Next Tina showed me how make a beach coverup. Add a nikybiky, skinny skirt or pants and voilà, one of those low-back shirts that are all the rage right now.
Scarf style - 6 Scarf style - 1

Is the air-conditioning blowing on your neck at work?  Tie your scarf like this:

Scarf style - 2

Or this:

Scarf style - 5

I really like this last one.  I may stop by for a tutorial. I had a scarf trick up my sleeve, too.  I showed Michelle how I could tie an infinity scarf.  “Simplicity is the Pathway to Peace.”

Tina, me, and another friend, Michelle snapped a quick selfie to send to Ceci, letting her know why I was late.

Adela Tina Michelle

Do you have any scarf tricks up your sleeve?  I have a lot of scarves with a limited tying “vocabulary.”  I’m open to expanding my abilities.