Wrinkle Experiment Week 6

I created created this video after week 6, which was September 30.  I had a good time making the video and less fun uploading it to YouTube.  For some reason, my login box  no longer appeared on the screen.  In alignment with my nature, I set about to solve the problem myself.  When will I learn to search for help?  Yup, I found the answer right there in the “official YouTube help” screen.  Clear the cookies.

Through the experiment, I asked  30 people which hand looks younger. Three people said the left hand, one person answered a question that wasn’t asked, and 26 people said the hand that I applied the miracle working cream.

One jar of cream lasted six weeks for my face, neck, and one hand.

Here is my week 1 photo:

Photo on 9-2-15 at 1.09 PM


Week 2:

Photo on 9-9-15 at 2.37 PM

Week 3:

Photo on 9-24-15 at 2.55 PM

And my week six video:


You may have seen Beverly Hills Sculpting Cream advertised.  Loved-One sees a difference. I do too.

I have enough faith in the Sculpting Cream that I plan to put it in a Christmas Grab bag.  My sister, who shares the same skin type as mine, is an interpreter for the deaf. Her clients often interrupt her and offer remedies for her dry hands.  I hope she “wins” my present.  I may just take a spare along, just in case.