Writer’s Highlight: Octapetals

brown hummingbird selective focus photography Photo by Philippe Donn on Pexels.com

Today, I’m sharing a blog new to me. I love “byline”, Between the lines and beyond the words. I love this Gen-Z writer. RLC has wisdom that usually takes years and years and lots of slips and falls. Please hope over to Octapetals and see what else is blooming in RLC’s world.

“What is the purpose of your life?” “What are you living for?”🧐 A question for which a lot of people don’t know the answer about. Just as soon as we get matured enough, this question should be the first thing needing our efforts and attention rather than money or job or partner or anything else. […]

Where are you, life? — Octapetals (Here’s a link to RLC’s full post about purpose and happiness.

I love sharing other writers with my readers. Stay tuned for next Friday’s interview with an author. I’m meeting with Mona Andrei later today to learn about her author journey.