Writing Prompt: Dream

man and woman lying on bed Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Another 50-word story. This time using a prompt from Ragtag Community. The Lady’s word is recharge. Whoa! Serendipity! I just listened to a podcast “Laziness Doesn’t Exist.”

“Recharge is redundant.” Matthew kept his focus on his keyboard. “The word you want is ‘charge’.”

“To reiterate,” Stephanie said.  “I need time alone to recharge and refresh.”

“Iterate,” Matthew pressed his lips into a straight line. “To utter repeatedly.”

“I need a rest from this.”

“Good. Concise and understandable.”

I love dreaming. I have a lot of fun dreams and rarely have a nightmare. Except for that one where I show up somewhere important and realize I forgot to get dressed. The most unsettling part of that nightmare is that I seem to be the only one who realizes my mistake. Anyways, I did say “Simplicity is the pathway to peace.” And, I did wake Loved-One up. I don’t remember dreaming at all. Really. No smokescreen.

I hope you like my 50-word stories. Please feel free to comment and share. And don’t forget to pop over to Lady Jabberwocky and see what other writers did with dream. I found her blog quite some time ago. Delightful.