You haven’t lived until you’ve jumped on a bog.

That’s what my college ecology teacher said years ago.  He was right.  Well, of course you’ve “lived,” still, a bog is quite an experience.  And a mosquito free experience.  You’d think all that water would be a breeding ground for all kinds of water bugs.  It turns out that there’s not enough oxygen and the water is too acidic.  In other words, a hostile environment for mosquitoes.

Last week, the local bog, Volo Bog, celebrated International Bog Day.  I learned a lot more about bogs than I did in college.  Read about it here.

I also learned a bit about the birds in my back yard from the volunteer manning the gift shop desk.  Turns out those really are catbirds, and that beautiful song that turns into a scolding chatter are tiny house wrens.

If you haven’t jumped on a bog, get out there and start living.