1,000 Words worth: 20017-26

On Friday, I like to take an ordinary photo of something I’ve seen during the week and create a bit of flash fiction.  I call it 1,000 words worth, because,  you know, a picture is worth…. For more information, click here.


There was something about the way the sunlight dappled and danced on the sidewalk that lifted John from his melancholy. Sure he was alone now, but that could change in a heartbeat.

The end of summer usually marked the beginning of a grey cloud shifting into John's heart and mind.  Autumn was when his grandfather died.  Autumn was when his father got the liver cancer diagnosis.  Autumn was when he began his life without Gretta. Autumn was when chill descended and life exhaled. No wonder so many people prefer the term fall to autumn, John thought.

The dancing sunlight seemed to promise John that this year would be different.  He turned his face to the sun and squinted.  His feet felt a little lighter and his face brightened.    This August he moved out of his mother's basement apartment.  This September he started classes at IIT. This October he turns forty.

From now on, fall marks a beginning, he thought.  I'm starting over.  Anything can happen when the air smells so alive and full of promise.  I might even meet the woman of his dreams. Itcould even be the woman walking toward me right now.

"Hi there."