Pause, Breathe, and Take Stock:  2017-27

I can hardly believe I’ve been a photo-journalist for over 2 years, now, and I’ve been consulting at Adello for 20 weeks.  My oh my, my life has changed since I became retired.  My life is busier than ever.  And I’m still packing in plenty of fun.  Let’s see… here, in no particular order are just a few highlights from my week.

  • We got two new Koi for the water garden.  Yes, the heron finally got the two we had for ten years. The babies each nearly lept out of the tank at the store, earning them the names: Leapininski and Nemo.
  • A diet without bread led to shedding two pounds.
  • I met a wonderful group of people passionate about the fate of our citizens. John has been an activist since the Vietnam war.  How inspiring.
  • Mr. N turned 15.  And he wants to go shopping and out to lunch with me.  A teenager who wants to spend on divided time with G-Mom, now that’s something to celebrate.
  • Weird Tours with Loved-One turned out to be quite a fun trip down Chicago’s history.  
  • Fancy breakfasts at a restauant Saturday morning has me still savorying that omelet.  And I hardly missed the toast. Okay, I did have a bite or two of Chicago’s best donut.
  • International Bog Day and a trip to Volvo Bog brought back a lot of memories about my college days.  “You haven’t lived until you’ve jumped on a bog,” is as true today and it was back then.
  • Good allergy medicine really helps me enjoy the summer.
  • A tiny but efficient, purse-sized first-aid kit helped me help a bleeding “L” train passenger.
  • The weather is warm enough for summer dresses and I have a comfortable pair of walking shoes that actually look good with a dress. 
  • I love going to the movies with a neighbor-friend.

What made you perk up this week?  I love to hear the little and the big things that make you happy. Readers inspire me.